Weekly Series

May 14 Weekly Series Maxine Clark - Pitch Comp Live Judging and Results

In the final episode of this Weekly Series season, the results are in!  Competition judges Doug Villhard, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Washington University, and Maxine Clark, founder of Build-a-Bear Workshop, join us to reveal the 18 CEO National Pitch Competition finalists, along the final first, second, and third place winners. Not only that, special guest, Maxine Clark, shares with students the story of her entrepreneurial journey that resulted in the creation of the globally beloved Build-A-Bear Workshop.

May 7 Weekly Series Alexis Teichmiller & Taylor Fatheree

Alexis Teichmiller (Effingham County CEO, 2011) and Taylor Fatheree (Effingham County CEO, 2012) have both gone on to do extraordinary things since their time in the CEO Program. In this weekly series episode, they sit down with us to share how they’ve continued to build off the life lessons and principles they have carried with them on their professional journeys. Building connections, knowing your worth, and finding solutions are among the many topics of conversation as Alexis and Taylor answer some of the biggest questions for CEO students who prepare to graduate from the program.

April 30 Weekly Series Doug Villhard

You will never stop pitching – your product, your business, or yourself. We recognize that the pinnacle of CEO each year is the ability for students to highlight their business, and we want to provide a platform for them to do just that. This week’s episode launches the CEO National Pitch Competition. To kick it off, Doug Villhard, professor of entrepreneurship at Washington University, joins us to coach students on effective communication and the art of the 30-second pitch. If you’re excited about your CEO business and want to participate, tune into this episode for all the details. If you are watching this recording or have any questions about the pitch competition, email abrooks@midlandinstitute.com.

April 23 Weekly Series Kristen Hadeed

While there’s a great deal that’s out of our control right now, there’s also a lot that is. What if we could give ourselves the freedom to view this time ahead as an opportunity? What if we gave ourselves permission to try new things, think outside of the box, and confidently take risks? In this episode, Kristen Hadeed, founder of Student Maid, tells us the 10 things she wishes she knew before starting her company in college. She shares her best tips to identify what you can control, to get creative in your approach, and to reach your leadership and human potential even during uncertain times.

April 16 Weekly Series Dan Chancellor

The ability to innovate and evolve in meaningful ways has always been a trademark of highly successful organizations. Now, more than ever, businesses are learning what it means to pivot towards an increasingly virtual landscape. What does that mean for your CEO business, and how can you leverage the online world to work for you? Tune into this session hear from co-founder of SoiLL Holds, Dan Chancellor, as he shares pro-tips for marketing and selling product in an online world.

April 9 Weekly Series Bob Schultz

What can you do right now to supercharge your future? At the end of the day, CEO is just the start of your real-world learning. A big question is what you get to do with all that learning.  And, with today's dynamic reality, what can you do right now? In this episode, Bob Schultz walks students through several practical, actionable tips for cultivating relationships, elevating the conversations you’re having daily, and helping unpack understand how the benefits of CEO can last a lifetime.

April 3 Weekly Series Abby Lashmett (Morgan Scott CEO) & Tyler Bryant (Bond County CEO)

What does it look like to embrace the true CEO sprit right now? Two past CEO alumni, Abby Lashmett (Morgan-Scott CEO, 2015) and Tyler Bryant (Bond County CEO, 2018) join us in this session to discuss their insights and takeaways from the program and to share how they are pivoting during this season in their professional and academic worlds. Learning to be adaptable and pushing yourself to be better are among the topics of conversation – subjects that are especially relevant in the uncharted world of today. If you are watching this recording, feel free to submit your questions via email to abrooks@midlandinstitute.com

March 26 Weekly Series Introduction to Weekly Series

In the introduction to MIE’s new “weekly series,” 130+ students tune in from all over the country to share the biggest questions that they have in the changing landscape of today. We explore how we can use this uncertain time as an opportunity to grow professionally, connect as a community, and continue to achieve excellence. Join us as we continue on our journey of becoming a generation of problem solvers and lifelong learners. If you are watching this recording, feel free to submit your answers to the questions asked via email to abrooks@midlandinstitute.com