Fearless Founders Series

Zach & Kirstin Uttich | BLVDier

Zach & Kirsten and series host, Trevor May, share a relevant conversation and bootstrapped story about launching their custom clothier in the historic Chicago West Loop. Blvdier is a timeless take on bespoke garments in our modern world and has been featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, GQ Magazine, and the Robb Report. This dynamic duo is putting the “shop” back in “mom and pop,” and moving the needle!

Martin Atkins | Music Business Entrepreneur

Martin Atkins and series host, Trevor May, share an extremely useful conversation about entrepreneurs pivoting during the global pandemic, all by increasing their self-awareness. Martin Atkins is a serial entrepreneur in the music business industry — he has an unforgettable hairdo, speaks for industry captains like Google & SXSW, oh, and has a Grammy.

Shelley Rosen | Luxe Bloom

Shelley Rosen and series host, Trevor May, won't mince words as they share a frank, tone-setting conversation for the transformative year ahead for CEO Participants.  Shelley Rosen is Founder and CEO of Luxe Bloom, a wildly creative and innovative company that is changing the way people buy flowers.  Shelley is a late blooming entrepreneur and comes from key intrapreneur roles in massive companies where she was responsible for many successes.