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Union County CEO Trade Show Planned in Anna

After their successes at a regional trade show last week in Carbondale, Union County CEO team members will be displaying their products and services locally.

A Union County CEO program trade show is scheduled Monday, May 6, at the Davie School Inn in Anna. 

The trade show is scheduled from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

Community members will have an opportunity to support the students and to ask them about their CEO journey.  

The students have taken an idea, developed a product or service, planned marketing strategies, analyzed their financial resources and needs, and have created trade show booths and elevator pitches to entice clients.

The CEO program students and the businesses that they will be showcasing at the trade show include:

Gabriel Thompson, Seriously Stellar Sales (online reseller).

Zach Griffin, Hero Bites (cake bite confections).

Maddie Bundren, Smile More Scrunchies.

Elle Mason, Artistry and Design by Katherine Mason (mural painting and more).

Olivia Schroeder, The Vintage Look (beginning with leather earrings).

Conner Jerolds, Kicks Care (shoe cleaning service).

Jackson Laster, Tech Prep (phone instruction classes).

Amanda Smith, Stick with Kindness (stickers for a cause).

Zachary O’Neal, O’Detailing (vehicle detailing).

Katie Charles, Katie’s Sweets and Treats Fudge.  

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