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Craig Lindvahl Guest Speaker at National Day of Prayer Breakfast

Teacher, musician, filmmaker, composer, author...Craig Lindvahl is all of those things.

Child of God? He's that, as well, and shared at Wednesday's National Day of Prayer observance how God has sustained him day to day following the diagnosis in November 2015 that he has pancreatic cancer.

Lindvahl was on the road in northern Illinois promoting CEO and began feeling unwell. A person at his appearance told him he should go to the hospital and after a battery of tests, he was given the news. He decided to call his wife, Beth, rather than wait until he arrived home and share the news. He wasn't immediately able to get decent cell service so had to drive a distance until he could make the call. He said the first five minutes after being alone to digest the news were "the loneliest of my life". He phoned Beth, a Kindergarten teacher at Teutopolis at the time, while she was at school and around those who could care for her after she got the news.

They've gone on together since that day; more days than were first expected. Lindvahl shared publicly at the time of the diagnosis that he didn't expect to be around much longer. Instead, it's approaching four years since the diagnosis and he's still going, a fact he credits to God and to Beth, who he described as his "lifemate". 

Lindvahl says he knew Beth was the one for him since the first day he saw her. That's been more than 40 years ago, and they're still going strong. He is grateful to God that He provided Beth for their life together and especially for this time in their journey.

It's a still uncertain journey, but Lindvahl said the time he has left will be spent drawing closer to God.

The breakfast held at the Thelma Keller Convention Center is sponsored each year by Pinnacle Forum, a group of businessmen who are Christians and meet regularly for fellowship and Bible study. A free-will offering is taken each year. This year's beneficiary is Crisis Nursery of Effingham County.

A worship band consisting of Tony, Aleyda, Isabella and Emilia Munoz and Josh Morrison provided music and helped lead in worship.

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