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Students to host trade show on Wednesday

Lincoln’s business landscape is getting a boost from students who will be offering new ideas for consumers to consider. Students in the Land of Lincoln CEO program will host a trade show from 4 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 1 at the American Legion, 1740 Fifth St., in Lincoln.

Thirteen students representing Lincoln, Mount Pulaski, Hartsburg-Emden and Olympia will present their goods and services that appeal to various needs.

Those students include: Austin Garriott - Austin’s Auto Wash; Lily Escobedo - OnTarget Media Management; Hannah Casey - Little Miss Tea; Emma Aylesworth - Willow’s Wax Works; Autumn Benhart - Dust and Shine; Evan Rohlfs - Know How (Tutoring); Parker Kistner - On The Run ; Cavit Schempp - Silicate Designs; Brody Baker - Brody Baker Builds; Lexi Hoffman - Leashed Animal Photography; Colby Burt - Timeout Training; Molly Schempp - Molly’s ABC’s and Olivia Shew - Pronto Delivery.

Britta Langley, the CEO program facilitator, said the program teaches students about the inner workings of how to run a business.

“Students learn about business both the success and failures, how to deal with conflict resolutions and how important it is to network,” said Langley.

One of the first lessons that Langley asks students to accomplish is picking up the phone to make that call.

“In this digital age they miss out on the face to face interaction and they need to know how to exchange ideas and show their passion. The program pushes students out of their comfort zone and teaches them how to become an entrepreneur.”

Emma Aylesworth, 16, daughter of Trisha and John Aylesworth and a junior at Mount Pulaski High School, will promote her business of Willow’s Wax Works, a soy candle business.

Aylesworth loves candles and after doing some research found candles made with soy help the environment as well as the farmers who grow soybeans.

“I’ve learned many things in creating this business and the CEO program has taught me how to communicate better,” smiled Aylesworth.

She admits that her favorite scent is lemon and lavender which pays tribute to her school colors.

“The lemon is gold and the lavender is purple so I guess I’m showing my Topper pride,” she continued.

Olivia Shew, 18, daughter of Rachel and Mark Shew and a senior at Lincoln Community High School, has created a new service called Pronto Delivery that she says is due to her mother.

“My mom loves Chi but they don’t deliver so I thought an overall delivery service in Logan County is something people would support,” said Shew.

Working with various downtown food vendors Shew created a web page that shows the area participating businesses. Unfortunately due to time constraints the business is currently is not active.

“I’ve learned that you have to listen to others and accept help when needed,” said Shew who plans to work with children in her future.

“I love to create items with wood and when I created the business plan I knew I wanted to do something that wouldn’t let things go to waste,” said Baker.

He said he has currently created items that pay tribute to the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright as well as other antique glass items.

“I’ve learned how to talk to people and not be nervous. When I started this class, I would rock back in forth in my chair and Austin would remind me when I was doing it, so I could break that habit,” said Baker.

Parker Kistner, 17, son of Travis and Calli Kistner of Danvers and a junior at Olympia High School, created On the Run, which compliments his passion of running.

“It’s a business that helps runners with their goals and offers advice on how to prepare for a race.

“I’ve learned people skills and have come to understand that being nervous is normal and to not be ashamed of being nervous,” said Kistner.

The CEO trade show is open to the public and more information on the group can be found at: the Land of Lincoln CEO Facebook page or on the web at

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