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Over 100 Bingo Players attend the Central MN CEO Class Ham Slam Bingo

Sixty hams were awarded to bingo winners at the Central MN CEO Class Ham Slam bingo event. The CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) students are required to plan and put on a community event. The real life project lets them use a business plan and do the marketing necessary for the event to bring in enough revenue to make a profit.

The students brainstormed with the input of some business community members and came up with the Ham Bingo idea. Students elected Jaron Englund to be the CEO of the event and Nicholas Johnson as CFO. Jayson Young, Chase Domier, Caleb Cully, Dawson Lupkes, and Maxwell Phillips are also class members.

Students will use the information gained to help them as they start their own individual businesses. Those student businesses will be showcased at the Central MN CEO Class Trade Show at Maasconi's Char & Bar in Verndale on May 8.

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