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CEO Program Accepting Applications for Young Entrepreneurs

The CEO program of Richland County is now accepting applications for out-of-the box thinkers who are interested in participating in next year’s CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) program. 
The Richland County CEO Program - partnering with the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship- is much more than an entrepreneurship program. It is an experiential learning course that offers seniors in high school the chance to participate in real life experiences. 

CEO exposes students to business practices, connects them with leaders in their community, and allows them to practice communication, problem solving, and networking in a variety of settings. Ultimately, it guides each team member through starting and running their own functioning business, all while cultivating essential skills and an expansive, long-lasting network of community members and business owners. 
For students who are interested in participating, the deadline to apply is January 31, 2019. Email Kristy Ochs at or call 618-393-2191, ext: 3108 for more information. 

Local investors and the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship partner together to establish and support this excellent CEO (Creating Entrepreneurship Opportunities) Program. 
The Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship is an investment in the future that provides training, materials, content, mentoring, and support for CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) programs across the nation.

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