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Orientation for the CEO Class of 2019

On August 2nd, the CEO Board of Directors hosted an Orientation for the Class of 2019. We have ten excited RCHS seniors ready to start this new adventure. Dakota Brown, Wilson Conley, Reid Doll, Sutton Dunn, Brent Hatten, Lauren Hill, Seth Kocher, Abigail Nealis, Macy Piercefield, Viktoria Willis.

Quotes regarding the new CEO Class of 2019:

Facilitator, Sheri Gray - 
As successful as the inaugural year of CEO was, I encourage the community to remember with the start of each school year brings a new group of CEO students. These students will be starting fresh. They have a lot of information to learn and training to be conducted in a short amount of time. Although many of the lessons will be similar, none of the CEO groups will be the same. They will have different personalities, styles, and ideas and that is what makes CEO unique. I have high expectations for the CEO Class of 2019, and I look forward to watching their successes unfold. 

President, Dan Eichelberger - 
The CEO Program has been a learning experience for the Class of 2018, our facilitator Sheri, as well as our board. We feel blessed to be a part of this program that has such an impact on those it touches. I look forward to the Class of 2019 and watching their growth through the upcoming year. 

Vice-President, Lauren McClain - 
Our inaugural Richland County CEO Class was full of many surprises, successes and fun! As we learned alongside our students, the board was able to quickly learn how valuable this program is! We are certainly happy for the many investors who have jumped onboard with us to make this class a reality in Richland County. As we prepare for our Class of 2019 students, we have high hopes for continued success and look forward to watching them grow! We know this program will continue to bring many dividends to our community!

Treasurer, Courtney Yockey - 
Our first year of CEO students have officially moved through the program. We had an amazing inaugural year with a lot of success, all made possible through the support of our investors. 

Secretary, Chad LeCrone - 
The CEO experience offers great opportunities for students who are motivated to pursue excellence. The CEO Class of 2018 found that out first hand and had a very successful year in the process. As we turn our focus to the Class of 2019, The CEO Board is excited about the opportunities that await them and look forward to enhancing the experience for this group of CEO students. 

Board Member, Michael McKinney - 
The value of the CEO Program exceeded my expecations with our first class. The change in the students over the year in areas such as soft skills, public speaking, business knowledge, and networking was substantial. I’m excited to see the 2019 Class get started. I’m positive they will put their own stamp on the CEO Program and will gain tremendously through the experience.

Board Member, Kristy Ochs - 
Last year’s group of Richland County CEO students were excited to make a good impression as the inaugural CEO class. I believe they did just that! Our 2017-2018 CEO group accomplished some really great goals. This year’s CEO group looks every bit as promising. They are already successful students in the classroom, on playing fields, and in community activities. I can’t wait to watch them learn, grow, and challenge themselves as the CEO Class of 2019! 

Board Member, Lori Uhl - 
The first Richland County CEO Class was a real learning experience for the kids and the board alike. It was a great pleasure to see the kids grow from each new experience that CEO had to offer. Week after week, they all wrote about how they enjoyed the business tours and the guest speakers. We are very thankful for all the businesses who opened their doors and/or invested monetarily in our program. Let’s all welcome the new CEO Class of 2019! 

Board Member, Bartley Zuber - 
The first Richland County CEO Class will be a tough act to follow! The gains they made in public speaking, professionalism, and networking were substantial. For the 2019 class, I hope the community remembers that these students are starting from scratch. They are not building on what the 2018 class did. I am excited to watch how this process works with a completely new group of personalities and talents. 

Dakotah Brown - I am the most excited about working with my peers and talking to business owners within our community regarding CEO. 

Reid Doll - I believe that the most exciting thing about CEO will be the chance to visit many different area businesses and get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make them run smoothly. 

Sutton Dunn - The thing I am most excited about joining CEO for is visiting places in Olney that I have never been before and making connections with new faces in the community. 

Brent Hatten - I am looking forward to work with others and meet new people. 

Lauren Hill - I am very excited for this opportunity in being able to network with local businesses as well as learn more on how to run a small business. 

Seth Kocher - I believe the most exciting part of the CEO program is going to be visiting local businesses to learn more about how they got started and how they continue to operate. 

Wilson Conley - I am most excited to gain business knowledge from CEO. 

Abigail Nealis - During the course of this program, I am most excited for the opportunity to learn about the businesses right here in our community. 

Macy Piercefield - I am looking forward to learning important skills that will be able to benefit me throughout life. 

Viktoria Willis - I am most excited about going into CEO for the experience and for gaining skills from the program that I can use in my everyday life and future employment.

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