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The first CEO Class for Fayette County is set to go in the Fall

The very first CEO class for Fayette County is set to roll out in the fall.  The CEO program is designed to create entrepreneurial opportunities for high school seniors in a year long course that is designed to utilize partnerships with area businesses and business leaders and provide an overview of business development.  The program has flourished around the area, originally getting started in Effingham County and spreading to several area counties–such as Montgomery County and Bond County is wrapping up their first year of the program.  As for Fayette County, the first group has been selected—-Blake Morrison, Dustin Lott, Clark Pearson, J’Amy Jackson, Cori Hipsher, Reyna Arenas, Jamilyn Wheatley and Sarah Craig from Vandalia High School, Macy Cripe from Brownstown High School and Marlee Nolen of St. Elmo High School.  And, the Facilitator for the group will be longtime Vandalia School District educator Debbie Hobbie.  There will be several activities this summer, including the group’s official orientation and further training for the facilitator and the board for the CEO group.  By this time next year, the students will have developed their own business and be part of a large trade show in the community.

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