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SVM EDITORIAL: Expansion of CEO program a worthy goal

We’ve been sold on the value of the CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) class since it was first introduced 4 years ago at the Whiteside Area Career Center in Sterling.

In this innovative class, 20 to 25 students per year chosen from among 18 participating high school districts have had the opportunity to learn how to become business entrepreneurs.

They meet at local businesses, hear from local business leaders, create their own businesses, and discuss their projects at the annual CEO Trade Show – heady stuff, indeed, for 17- and 18-year-olds.

There’s a proposal to launch a second CEO class centered in Dixon that would expand the program’s reach.

We support this worthy goal.

As noted by Margo Empen, Dixon Public Schools superintendent, having a CEO class in Dixon would offer more opportunities for students on the eastern side of Lee and Ogle counties, in towns such as Amboy, Ashton, Franklin Grove, Polo, Oregon and others.

About 250 businesses were invited to a luncheon Tuesday sponsored by Blackhawk Hills Regional Council and the Career Center to solicit their support, involvement and investment in the proposed Dixon-based class.

In it, students would learn about supply and demand, cost/benefit analysis, competitive advantages, recognizing opportunities, financial strategies, marketing, record keeping and so forth.

They would get the chance to see how business principles are applied in the real world by meeting at participating businesses.

The CEO program, by the way, originated in Effingham at the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship.

We encourage Dixon-area businesses, and others in Lee and Ogle counties, to seize this opportunity to help give more high schoolers a quality introduction to the world of business.

Good luck to the Dixon School District and all others involved as they work to expand this highly successful program.

Source: The Sauk Valley Media Editorial Board

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