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Richland Schools Very Stable

The Richland County School Board of Education held their monthly meeting in the RCHS Silva Auditorium last Thursday evening. This is the first of three on-site meetings held at each of the schools comprising our district. Board members include President Jeff Wilson, Carolyne Brooks, Alex Cine, Steve Kinkade, Cindy Lockley, Steve Marrs, and Leon Redman. The meetings are held on site to allow more room for parents and citizens than the regular board meeting room will allow. Another reason is to allow the board members to get more familiar with the schools they make such important decisions about.

The meeting opened with the color guard for the JROTC, or Junior Officers Training Course. Very precise and holding a military bearing, they did our nation’s colors proud. Following the posting of the colors, choir director Warren Weitkamp led the RCHS Choir in two songs. One song, “In My Life,” featured a solo. Both songs had piano accompaniment and both were very well performed. A social program to instill a sense of worth in adolescents and teens called ‘I Matter’ was created by New York photographer Rob Goldman several years ago. The program features photographs of students under a large heading, I Matter. Under each student’s picture features a one line reason, penned by the student of why they feel they matter.

WTHI News of Terre Haute featured RCHS students as they spoke about the program and the positive impact the program has on self worth in younger people. Some reasons as penned by students include, “Because I make people laugh”, “Because there is only one me”, “Because my life has value”. The board then heard a full report from the CEO program participants on how the program is running so far this school year.

The CEO program is an Effingham, IL. based initiative designed to help educate selected students on the intricacies of business. The students are involved in a three tier platform consisting of a micro- business, a class business and individual businesses. The first tier, the micro-business, concluded recently. The business itself involved selling jackets and lanyards with various local business involvement, sponsorship and roles as customers.

The CEO group reported a satisfying level of sales, and look forward to the next two levels. The public can get involved when The Holiday hosts a CEO Convention in April, 2018. Each student will have a booth in which their individual business will be featured, the same as any convention in any market sector. Look to the Olney Daily Mail for more details as the date draws closer. Jeff Wilson, President of the Richland County School Board of Education, offered, “We’re very proud of all of’re setting precedence for other students. We’re excited to see where this leads.” Following the CEO presentation, the officers of the local FFA Chapter, presented details of current and future activities.

At well over 100 members, our local FFA is a very active one. The FFA participates in the county fair, sponsors a stretch of road in the “keeping America’s roads clean” program, has fund raising events and sponsors booths to generate operating funds and money needed to attend regional events. Board of Education Superintendent Larry Bussard and President Jeff Wilson Prior shook the hands of each member of the RCHS CEO members and the presenting officers for FFA.... to read the full story, pick up a copy of Monday Oct. 23rd edition of the ODM

Source: Olney Daily News 

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