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Catching up in Minnesota

We’re in Minnesota talking to our three programs Wright Tech, Kandiyohi and Willmar today! We caught up with Kole Kolasa, the Wright Tech CEO representative at the 2016 Midland Institute National Trade Show to talk business.

Kole wanted to be a part of the CEO program because his grandfather, father and uncle were all businessmen. After putting quite a few years into their business, Kole said all three were able to vacation more and spend more time with their families, and that is what he wants for his life, too.

Kole said that CEO taught him about being humble and respectful. He also learned that just because you are a business owner, it does not mean that you have to boast about that title.

Over the course of the year, Kole developed KNK Properties, LLC. He worked to get a realtor’s license in Florida, and will buy, manage and sell investment or rental properties in the Sunshine State.

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