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Students broaden horizons with CEO program

As a high school senior getting ready to make the jump to college and the next chapter of my life, I am always looking for things to refine interests and gain knowledge and experience for what I plan to do in the future. For a while now, I have been passionate about business. So naturally, when my friend Ty Stover approached me about joining Kokomo CEO, an entrepreneurship class provided by the Kokomo Career Center, and just raved about it, I was all ears.

Almost a year later I am one of 18 students in the program. We are considered a career center class, but we really aren’t a class in the traditional sense. We don’t meet in a school and we don’t even have a classroom. We go around the business community and meet with business and entrepreneurial leaders in our communities. Why learn from a text book when you can learn from the source? This class liberates us as young adults from the confines of a typical classroom setting.

One of the big things we do in CEO is create a class business. This gives us hands-on experience with running a business and making it profitable. This will be important because the profit from this event will fuel the personal businesses that each of the students will have to start later. Everything about this business is real. It’s a real event; with great speakers and real money is on the line. We want this event to build into the local business community because we want to see our town and surrounding areas flourish. This event is an opportunity for you to build into your most valuable resource...YOU!

Our event is an entrepreneurial/business summit where we gather some of the great business minds our class has met with from our community and we bring their knowledge and experience to you. On February 3rd at Oakbrook Church, you will have a chance to set yourself apart from the majority of your competitors. If you have ever wanted to start your own business or are in a business setting, the information this event will provide is invaluable.

To begin the event, we will have our keynote speaker, Paul Wyman, talk about The Art of the Sale. After that, you have the option to go to two of five breakout sessions. These 40 minute sessions will focus on a range of important aspects of business. In between these great informational periods, there will be a catered networking session. To close the event, we have sales specialist and CEO of Lushin, Paul Lushin talking about Finding Your Why.

For more information about the speakers, breakout sessions, and tickets for the event, visit Students of any age receive a special price. If you are interested in bringing a group, contact Morgan Young at for a group rate.

Source: Kokomo Herald

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