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Morgan-Scott CEO program holds banquet for investors

Investors and business owners from the area were at Hamilton’s this morning for the annual Morgan-Scott CEO banquet.

Jacksonville High School Senior Drew Haggerty, one of the 17 students involved with the Morgan-Scott CEO, talks about his experience with the program.

“It is just an amazing experience learning from people who have built up their business to where they are today. We are improving every day, learning a lot and this is just a great opportunity.”

Haggerty says his classmates have been picking up on essential business techniques that will assist them with their future careers.

In order to build revenue for future class projects, Morgan-Scott CEO students approached local businesses to be featured on the student ID badges.

“We split into two different teams: a production team and a sales team. The sales team pitched the idea to local businesses for ad opportunities. The production team produced the badges and researched the ideas that go into the badges. We came together and came up with the final product.”

Morgan-Scott CEO students will host a special event for the public on February 6th at Hamilton’s. Tickets are $40 and include a dinner, silent auction and a performance from Ken Bradbury.

Students will present their individual businesses over the spring during the annual Morgan-Scott CEO Trade Show.

By Ryne Turke on November 5 at 12:43pm

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