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CEO Network Trade Show

Witnessing the growth of CEO over the past few years has been exhilarating.  It’s amazing to watch the number of programs increase, and next year we’ll oversee 28 CEO programs in four states.

That means hundreds of students are gaining real world experiences, doing real work, and building networks of successful business people.  Students are also starting real businesses, and they showcase them in local trade shows every spring.

It’s time to celebrate those businesses in a different way.  I’m thrilled to announce that on June 15th we’ll launch the first CEO Network Trade show in Effingham, IL.  Each CEO class will select two student businesses, and those businesses will be showcased here in Effingham.  It’s going to be great to meet students from all around the CEO network as they offer their products and services.

If you’re anywhere within traveling distance of Effingham, I promise you an incredible experience.  You’ll be impressed with the businesses you’ll see, but even more wowed by the young people you meet.  They’ll make you feel better about their generation and our future, I promise.

Here are the essential details:

What: CEO Network Trade Show

When: June 15

Time: 4-6:30 PM

Location: Keller Convention Center

Effingham, IL  62401

Mark the date on your calendar!

Click here to download Network Trade-Show Press Release 

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