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CEO class 2014 Tour

Just like any tour given at Versatech, the students were lead by the owners through the plant and given detailed technical explanations of what function each department contributes and how that process plays into the big picture of what Versatech is as a whole. They explain the type of jobs that make up these departments and some of the skills and knowledge these employees require. Further they explain the ups and downs of managing a company and how important it is to satisfy the customer requirements 100% on every project. But the CEO class heard one thing that stood out to them and they mentioned it in their Thank You Note (nice touch CEO Class... thank you notes are not so "old school"). The Note read "On behalf of the CEO Class, I would like to thank you for the phenomenal business visit you provided us at Versatech. You had great advise to share with us about how to manage your business and treat employees with respect. People are the foundation of a great business....something I will never forget."

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