Community Support

We provide the support you need to start your CEO program.

Participate in a Growing National Movement
  •   Each community is directly involved and connects with the CEO brand from communities across the country.

Midland Institute Community Resource Center
Access to Unique Tools
  •  Website Development: The Midland Institute will provide your community with a website, tools and support. (A weekly newsletter, tracking student and investor numbers and community impact)
  •  Personality Profile: Your facilitators, students, and board members will have access to and training for your personality profile, an online cognitive assessment which measures the dynamics of an individual through focusing on traits and self-awareness. This is a tool which will encourage performance, align powerful group dynamics, and strengthen communication and interaction between students and facilitators.
  • Community Resource Center: A resource of information for the boards and facilitators that houses access to our best practices, customizable materials, resources for recruiting, marketing, student documents, as well as informative how-to videos and life lesson vlogs.

The Midland Institute will support your community. This includes but is not limited to:
  •   A framework and resources for development and launching of your CEO class
  •    National Conference with training and development sessions for facilitators and board members
  •    New board member training and Facilitator Training
  •   Monthly, timely webinars and micro-webinars that address events happening in your community's CEO calendar

Community's developmental impact
  • Economic Development: CEO encourages students to see the business opportunity in their own community. 
  • CEO has been used as an example of a community supported educational system which entices new companies to locate in a CEO region.
  • CEO promotes a spirit of appreciation towards entrepreneurship in the community and helps break down barriers and labels between both schools, students, and members of the community. 

Prepare the Next Generation
  •   As CEO grows, it is clear that CEO students have leverage for scholarships and acceptance, that colleges and junior colleges are offering dual credits; and that employers are seeking young professionals with the CEO learning experience.
  • CEO, as it continues to grow, offers a true transformational experience and connects students to a high level of business people in their community.