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Egypt to Effingham: A Path Less Travelled Leads CEO Student Home

From Egypt and Thailand, to political PR and marketing firm owner - Devin Walk’s post CEO experience has been anything but typical or commonplace. However, from one of our own CEO alumn, we shouldn’t expect anything less.

A graduate of the Effingham 2010 CEO class, Altamont native, Devin Walk, was one of the first students to take part in CEO. “I was a shy kid lacking self-confidence,” Devin writes, “But CEO and Craig Lindvahl taught me it was okay to be different, and there was a niche in the world for people like me.”

Like so many other students since him, Devin credits CEO with opening up a world of possibilities and instilling in him the courage to tackle them.

Since his time in class, Devin has travelled the world, studying mythology and film. He worked at a political PR firm with some of the biggest organizations in America, and served as a communications director for a house race in Colorado.

This is an election he highlights in his story, “My candidate, a public school teacher from Durango, CO, Barbara McLachlan won by one percentage point. It was an election we weren’t supposed to win.”

As we said, anything but ordinary.

However, when it came time to determine the next step on his path less traveled, Devin was drawn back to his home community of Effingham County, where, for the past few months, he has been working a marketing internship with the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship.

He has also since begun pouring his skills and experience into his next entrepreneurial endeavor, Walk Marketing, located in Altamont, IL.

“Starting my own business had been my dream since I was a student in the Effingham County, IL CEO program,” Devin writes about his company, “ I knew I wanted to start it in Effingham County, where I could give back to the people that helped me grow throughout the years.”

When speaking about his experience, Devin writes,“Would I have moved to the Netherlands or Thailand without the confidence CEO gave me? No. Would I have started my own business? Doubt it.”

In opening up a world of possibilities and experiences around Devin, CEO not only revealed the opportunities in Devin's home community, but also cultivated the entrepreneurial mindset and skills to equip him to take advantage of them.

The Midland Institute is always proud to see its CEO students enter into the national and international entrepreneurial ecosystem of new thinkers and doers. We are just as excited to see Devin take those skills and invest them back into his community.

But we’re certain his journey doesn’t end here. Who knows what this unpaved route will hold for Devin, both in his current business and his future projects?

If you’d like to learn more about Devin and his business, Walk Marketing, please visit his website today!


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