We do not feel this is necessary.  With the availability of technology we are hoping our CEO programs choose to use web-based platforms in order to communicate with students and offer guest speakers. Here is a LINK to the webinar that explains how to use the Google 'meets' platform.  

Midland Institute is opting to not make any long-term decisions for the time being. We are continuing to plan for the National Conference as is and will make adjustments at a later date. 

Just a reminder, the date of National Conference this year is July 10 & 11.

Yes! Our plan is to offer you a guest speaker each week. Please be checking your inbox for an email explaining this very soon!

Don’t give up on Digital Student Recruitment. You can do this! Here are some tips:

  • Use social media (Facebook for their parents, Twitter, Instagram) to let students know that the application period is open.
  • Now more than ever you will need your school admin and counselors reaching out to students who fit the criteria of a CEO student (Hardworking, Trustworthy, Motivated) and ask them to apply.
  • Send current juniors from the schools included in your program a post card with info on how to sign up for CEO. Ask your schools to send or print labels with the students information. 
  • Don’t forget to call us and we will set up or make adjustment to your application for you on your CEO website!
  • MIE is currently working on producing a video solution as well. 
  • Ask school officials to use their alert systems (email/text) to sophomore/junior students &/or parents about the application period and how to apply. 

    Please don't feel that you still have to meet 5 days a week. It is not easy to find guest speakers because of the current situation and some people are not comfortable using a digital platform. Most of our programs are voluntarily meeting 2-4 days per week.

    A typical schedule that we are seeing is:

    Day 1: Meet as a class. (Catch up, Life Lesson, Progress of individual businesses)
    Day 2: Guest Speaker
    Day 3: Midland Institute will attempt to host a guest speaker every week.
    Day 4&5: Student work on individual businesses.

    We have propagated all Midland email accounts to enable the use of Google’s “meet” which is their video conferencing platform. This is an option that Google is offering free of charge until July 1, 2020. Please reference this LINK to hear the training on how to use Google “meet”. Some of our programs already subscribe to Zoom which is the video platform we use for our webinars. 

    Not necessarily. Talk to your students and find a consensus with the group as to what time of day works best to get together.

    Did you know Facilitators have their own private Facebook page? Please search the word “Facilitators” on Facebook and you will find us there or here is the LINK.  We hope that you will share and find helpful information from your peers there!

    No.  Please follow the CDC guidelines and your govenor's wishes.  We feel this exposes you in context of liability. Any recommendations that you make should not be in person.

    Most states have mandated that schools (and in this case, that would include us) do not take grades or track attendance during this time. Please contact your program’s school administrators for your state’s mandate in this area. 

    Although you can’t require students to do journals, we do recommend that you continue to ask the students to turn in a journal about the week or at least about this season and the progress of their individual business.

    If your CEO class is considered dual credit, please contact your dual credit provider for further details.

    On Friday, March 13th we did a webinar on how to use the video platform Google “meet’. We have included the link HERE. On Monday, March 16th we did our usual microwebinar. The topics included many of these FAQ’s and information about the CEO annual report. Zoom has not yet made that link available to us.

    We wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that we are trying to process these webinars and have them on the CRC immediately. However, with the increased use of Zoom across the globe, it is taking days, instead of hours, to process the recordings on the cloud. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and will have them uploaded as soon as possible in the future.  

    DON”T CANCEL!!! POSTPONE!!! No one can tell us how long this is going to last and when the CDC will lift their group restrictions. Let’s plan to still have an in person Trade Show that may have to take place this summer. This gives the students something to look forward to and work toward.

    For now, we are recommending that you speak with the students about:

    -It is likely that your Trade Show will be postponed

    -You have worked hard for this Trade Show and we want that to happen for you, even if it is this summer or using a different format.

    -Slow down or stop purchasing/producing inventory until the future is more clear.

    As the days go by and we can make better, more informed decisions, we may need to look at other options such as virtual Trade Shows. If this carries on and that needs to be an option, we hope that you would include your students on this decision as well.