CEO Class Profile

We're not the only ones excitedhappy about the
Richland County CEO program...


Sheri Gray

Sheri Gray

Richland County CEO's Facilitator

"CEO is an amazing and unique program being offered to our students at RCHS.  I am honored and beyond excited to facilitate the students through this journey.  I share in the students' excitement because the skills, lessons, and opportunities that they will learn through CEO are one-of-a-kind.  As a classroom teacher, I know there is much more to offer our students, but we are sometimes limited by our surroundings.  CEO will allow these students to explore the world around them.  I will help these students see the greatness and endless possibilities of Richland County.  Being a "home town" girl, I know the importance of giving back to my community, and I view CEO as a way to accomplish that."

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