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Rob Hudson

Rob Hudson

Knox County IN CEO's Facilitator


Rob Hudson 

Rob is a graduate of Oakland City University, earning a Master of Science degree in Business Management. He is also an active Indiana Air National Guardsman serving as a member of the 181st Intelligence Wing. Rob brings 20 years of aerospace and defense manufacturing experience. His career began as an Inspection Technician at Rolls Royce Aerospace and his responsibilities have evolved through the years. Rob has held positions such as: Customer Support Manager, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, General Manager and President/CEO. Prior to joining Purdue University as a Workforce Subject Matter Expert, Rob was the Director of Business and Industry at Vincennes University where he focused on manufacturing training programs for adult learners and career transition individuals.

As a parent of four children, Rob appreciates educational programs that prepare youth for life success. CEO is a program that he wishes had been available when he was in high school. He believes that the concept of business owners, and managers, mentoring and sharing their successes and failures with students, is an extraordinary value. Finally, he feels the CEO program provides students with a foundation to succeed professionally and personally. 

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