CEO History

The moment that CEO became an idea.

The Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship

Partnering with Communities

The Midland Institute, headquartered in Effingham, IL partners with communities throughout the United States to establish and support excellent CEO programs. For every community interested in CEO, the Institute strives to make it an easy and fun process to implement the program and provides ongoing direction to keep the program a success.

Supporting Communities

The Institute guides CEO communities through the process of establishing their local CEO board, hiring their facilitator, implementing the student application process, as well as providing on-going training and support. The Institute serves as a resource for all CEO programs throughout the United States. The Midland Institute is a non-profit with a 501(c)3 status that is governed by a board of directors.

CEO Midland Institute

The moment that CEO became an idea.

The first CEO program began in Effingham, IL in 2008. The genesis of CEO came from a student who wanted to connect with a local entrepreneur but wasn’t sure how to go about it. The conversation between the entrepreneur and the student provided the impetus to form an entrepreneurship class based on real world, real life opportunities and experiences.

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