Business Development Assistant

Job Title:  Business Development Assistant

Job Summary:  The Business Development Assistant is responsible for the maintenance of the company database and records, as well as the coordination of the annual national conference, alumni summit, and trade show. He or she will also support communities through lead/informational request management, information collection, training, and resource development. This position reports directly to the President.

Skills and Competencies Required:

  • Knowledge of database management preferred
  • Former event planning experience preferred
  • Excellent writing & communication skills
  • Detailed oriented
  • Organized planner

Essential Functions and Basic Duties:

  • Serve as the Database Administrator for the company Contact Management System
    • Create ways to store, organize and present company data and ensure that the system is working properly
    • Assist with database design and development
    • Regulating data and informational input
  • Coordinate events such as the annual national conference, alumni summit & trade show and assist where needed in annual regional trainings and board trainings.
    • Including but not limited to registration, outreach & awareness, website development, agenda creation, post-event surveys & venue coordination
  • Serve as administrator of the Community Resource Center
    • Editing, templating, archiving and uploading documents and videos to the website and community resource center as needed
  • Coordinate book sales and inventory
  • Facilitate the administration of the personality assessment to communities
  • Provide general office support including managing company phone, replenishing supplies, upkeep and basic mailing needs
  • Track donations and pledges for philanthropic giving 
  • Assist with Alumni care & engagement
  • Create and coordinate outreach for events such as webinars, meetings, trainings, etc.
  • Administer and collect pre and post impact surveys for students, annual feedback from facilitators and board members, and community information from programs through annual audit
  • Overall, provide required support for other team members, most specifically the business development team, to ensure timely and consistent delivery of Midland Institute’s services to its programs, communities, and investors


  • Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship in Effingham, IL 62401 US (Primary)

How to Apply: