At the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship, we believe that entrepreneurship is much more about a mindset than it is a body of business knowledge, much more about a new way to view the world than a collection of business concepts.   CEO stands for Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities, by the way, and that is exactly what CEO does

When you create in your students a willingness to see the world around them as a series of opportunities, help your students overcome the need to find the "correct answer" and instead look for the best possible solution, and help your students get past the fear of failing, you'll create dynamic, energetic, excited young people who will be life long learners and achievers.

When you successfully engage your business community, encouraging them to share their expertise with your next generation of business owners, connecting them with young people who want to know what your business people know, incredible things happen.

You'll create a community that will make your students want to come back and start businesses, work, and raise families.  The most effective and cost efficient way to approach long-term economic development?   Grow your own!