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Craig Conrad

Craig Conrad

Routt County CEO's Facilitator

Craig Conrad is a nationally known T.V. host, author, and motivational teacher famed for his life-changing program, “The Unstoppable You.” This program has inspired close to 250,000 students in 12 states.

Craig’s twenty-six year, innovative and energetic teaching career has earned him six nominations to “Who’s Who Best Teachers in America.” He was the recipient of Roy Romer’s “Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education.” He was the first teacher in the United States to receive the national “Tradition of Excellence Award.” His classes were featured in seven national magazines. Better Homes and Garden’s Wood Magazine listed his program as one of the “Top Shops” in the world.

 Craig hosted the nationally syndicated hit television series, Wyoming’s Call of The Wild, for two seasons. Craig’s inspiring stories and lessons have been featured on ABC, NBC nightly news, and CBS The Early Show.

 In 2002 Craig was selected to carry the Olympic Torch for the Salt Lake Olympics. He has been married to his wife Vicki for 35 years.

 Craig feels his greatest achievement was all of the students he inspired, who went from reading and listening to his stories, to living the lessons!

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