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Mitch Globe

Mitch Globe

Routt County CEO's Facilitator

In 1984, after graduating from McGill University, Mitch Globe moved to Steamboat Springs to pursue his life-long love of skiing. After working in the ski industry for a few years, Mitch went back to graduate school and received his Masters Degree at the University of Miami. Bitten early by the Yampa Valley curse, Mitch returned to Steamboat soon after that where he began a 27 year career in education, serving as a teacher and school administrator in both private and public education.

Mitch has devoted his career to building strong relationships with students that live beyond the walls of the school community. Mitch loves the idea of getting kids out of the classroom where the value of academic pursuits becomes very real. He believes in the power of the “journey”, as it is the best path to self-reliance and responsibility: it is where students most effectively recognize their obligation to be collaborative, creative, tolerant and accountable. 

Mitch has a great love of and respect for the outdoors. He is an avid skier and Elk hunter. Mitch has led numerous month-long adventures (experiential, cultural, and physical) for students all over the world: backpacking trips in New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, Ecuador and Argentina; scuba trips in the Maldives and Australia; and cultural immersions in Western Samoa, Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland.

Mitch has deep roots in the valley. He met his wife (Stella) here. They have been married for 24 years and their two kids were born and raised here. Their daughter Avery recently graduated from CU Boulder, and their son Cash is studying Jazz Piano at San Diego State University.

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